Polybutylene pipe is a plastic pipe that was used in residential water supply systems. It was very common in the Tucson area from about 1982 until 1997. Polybutylene pipe became the subject of a billion dollar class action lawsuit. The pipe had an unusually high failure rate and would leak without warning. Some insurance companies will no longer insure homes with this pipe. Commonly this pipe is not visible since copper pipe is used at the end of the “run” as it exits the wall. Visit www.pbpipe.com for further information. Arizona and Florida had the highest use of Polybutylene piping in residential homes. The typical cost to re-plumb a home is $3,000 to $7,000.

Aarow Plumbing Co. specializes in replacing Polybutylene pipes. Many homes in Tucson, Arizona were built during the 1980’s using Polybutylene piping because of it's ease of installation and perceived quality. It appears that Polybutylene piping may have been installed in as many as one in every four or five homes built during the years in which Polybutylene pipe was manufactured. It's now known that Polybutylene pipe breaks down over time, that the fittings leak or eventually break sometimes causing extensive damage.

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